Frequently asked questions

  • I have been rejected by my bank. Can I still get a mortgage?

    Of course! Banks follow a tight set of guidelines to approve deals. This does not mean you cannot get a mortgage. There are alternative lending institutions that you may have heard of, such as Home Trust. We have a large pool of such lenders that compete for our business – we have the upper hand and can negotiate great deals, perhaps a better than what your very own bank has to offer. Let’s talk about your mortgage today!

  • What are the benefits of Accelerated Bi-weekly Payments?

    We suggest our client to choose Accelerated Biweekly Payments for their Mortgage Payments. With accelerated bi-weekly payments, you will make 26 Biweekly, which is equivalent to 13 monthly payments in one year. The extra payment reduces the amortization period as well as increases savings with the reduction of interest payments.